Monkey Wave V8.0 (The December​ Update)

Hello Everyone, Here's KiwiGalaxyDev!

Today I launched The December Update (V8.0) for Monkey Wave!

In this new version of the game there are a couple of things added and fixed:

  •  Night Mode (activates between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.) added.
  •  2 New Skins added (Santahat & Snowman).
  • Autosave added.
  • A lot of late game balance changes.
  •  Important Singleplayer bug fixes.

Much fun playing Monkey Wave V8.0!

Also the official KiwiGalaxyDev Site is launched! Check it out here!

You can also follow me on Instagram & Twitter. Please share this with your friends! (Also available on the Google Play Store!)

Thank You!

- KiwiGalaxyDev


Monkey Wave V8.0 (32-bit).zip 26 MB
Dec 08, 2019
Monkey Wave V8.0 (64-bit).zip 30 MB
Dec 08, 2019

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