Froggy's Adventure - Devlog #4 (Random World Generation)

Froggy's Adventure - Devlog #4 (Random World Generation)

Hello Everyone,

This week I was quite busy with an awesome system! Random World Generation! I tried to add this a time ago but it failed. Finally I found a trick to add this and it worked for me!

The Random World Generation contains a couple of steps:

#1: Generate all rooms.

#2: Generate all lakes.

#3 Generate all hills.

#4 Generate all obstacles.

#5 Generate all enemies.

#6 (Something I can't tell you yet)

More things will be added to the Random World Generation soon.


I hope you liked the #4 devlog of Froggy's Adventure!

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Thank you for reading this devlog and see you in the next one!

- KiwiGalaxyDev

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