Froggy's Pond 2 - Weather, Ladybug & Snail - Devlog #3

Froggy's Pond 2 - Weather, Ladybug & Snail - Devlog #3

Hello everyone! Today I'll show you some new Gameplay elements! Starting of with new animals and the brand new weather system!


A brand new feature is added, the weather system! After some time the weather changes. Specific animals only spawn when a particular weather is active. Vice versa, normal animals can despawn by particular weather. Weather also disappears after a certain time.

Rain & Snail

The first weather I'll show you guys is the rain. Oooff… Rain… It's annoying, so there is also an annoying animal that appears. The snail spawns in this wet weather. Snails are really smart. When they see you, they roll in their shells towards you. You can't eat them when they are in their shells. This annoying animal gives a lot of points! So that's great!

Blossom & Ladybug

The second weather is "Blossom", there are flowers everywhere! In the blossom caterpillars appear faster. Also a new animal is introduced, the ladybug. Ladybugs are annoying, they circle around you. When you eat them you'll get hurt. When the blossom stops they disappear and after some time they flee.

Thank you for reading today's devlog. If you haven't added the game to your collection, do it now! It ready supports me and you get notificated when a new devlog comes up. For more information you can follow me on Instagram & Twitter.

- KiwiGalaxyDev

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